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Netgear Extenders are the Wifi boosters that expand the coverage of your network all over your home. The extenders are compatible with all the standard Wifi routers and use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to provide a fast internet speed. Furthermore, a Netgear extender reduces interference by extending Wifi up to 1200 Mbps and hence covers all the dead zones. In this manual, you will get different procedures to set up your range extender.

Multiple Methods To Setup Your Netgear Extender Through PC - MywifiExt​

Here are three methods through which you can install your Extender via PC. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps and follow them carefully for “MywifiExt” setup.


Method1: Use WPS Push Button If Your Router is Enabled With WPS Technology

Before beginning the “MywifiExt” setup, complete the basic setup of your router and power it on. 

  1. Unbox your Netgear extender and adjust the antennas position to the upward direction. 
  2. Connect the Netgear Extender to the electrical outlet and the Power LED light on your extender will lit up. 
  3. Moving on from that step, press the WPS Push Button located on the front or back of your Wifi router. 
  4. Within a few seconds, the connection will be established among your extender and router. Also, the WPS LED light on your extender will become solid green. 
  5. Now, connect your device to the new wireless extended network name. The extender uses your existing wifi name and adds underscore 2GEXT or 5GEXT depending upon your router band.

Method2: Through Web Page

If your router does not support WPS-Push button technology, you can set up your extender through Netgear Installation Assistant by visiting So, go through the steps that are quoted below for the “MywifiExt” setup. 

  1. Turn on your extender by connecting it with the power source. Open the Wifi Manager on your PC and there you will see the default extender name i.e Netgear_EXT. Select it and the connection will be developed between your PC and extender. 
  2. Now, you have to run a web browser on your PC. To visit the “Mywifi Extender” setup page, input in the address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  3. In the next window, you will get to see two different options. Select the “Wifi Range Extender” option to initiate the “Mywifi Ext” Setup. 
  4. A new window will come into view. There you will see two separate lists of router i.e 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Identify your Wifi router name and select it from the list displayed. If you are unable to find your personal Wifi name, click on the Refresh icon. 
  5. After selecting your router name, proceed forward for “Mywifi Ext” setup by clicking on the Next button. Doing so, the Password window will be visible on your screen.
  6. Enter the password for your 2.4GHz and 5GHz network. To confirm that you are providing the correct password, mark the “Show Password” checkbox and click on the Next button. 
  7. Continuing with this, set a name and password for your new extended wireless network. You can also remain the same password for your extended network as your router. To move ahead with the Netgear Router Setup, press Next. 
  8. A new window will be presented on your screen. Note down the credentials to keep it remember for connecting with the new extended network. Then, click Continue. 
  9. The Successful window will be shown to you, click Next to conclude “Mywifi Ext” setup. Now, restart your PC, open the Wifi manager, and connect it to the Netgear Wifi.

Method3: By Using the Router’s WPS PIN

  1. In the initial stage, build a connection between your device and extender. For that purpose, select the default name of your extender from the Wifi list or attach an ethernet cable from your PC to the extender. 
  2. Access a current version of the internet browser, and insert the URL i.e in the address bar. You can also use the IP address i.e to launch the “MywifiExt” login page. 
  3. On the login window, provide the default credentials i.e Username and password that you can easily acquire from the back of your extender. Click Next and the “MywifiExt” setup page will get displayed on your screen. 
  4. From the left-panel of the setup window, select the Settings option. Following this, you have to click on the “Do More” option. 
  5. Afterwards, select the “Connected Devices(WPS)’ option. This will open up a new window on which you have to select the “PIN Number” radio button. 
  6. Continuing with this, provide your router PIN that can be obtained from the backside of your router. Click Next and your Netgear Extender will be connected to your router.

Setup Your Range Extender Through Mobile Using the Nighthawk Application


Nighthawk is a mobile app that lets you configure your router and extender settings. It has some useful features such as you can view all the devices connected to your router, check the internet speed, monitor your Wifi traffic, Remote Management, Parental Control, etc. Alongside this, you can easily set up your newly-branded Netgear extender through mobile with the help of the Nighthawk application. Here is the complete, concise, and explained procedure by following which you can install your extender without any trouble. 

  1. To begin “Mywifi Ext” setup, install the Nighthawk Application on your mobile device from the Play Store or App Store. When done tap “Open”. 
  2. If your router that you are going to extend is not supported by the Nighthawk app, select the “Try a New System Setup” tab. Following this, tap on the “Range Extender” option. But if your router is compatible with the Nighthawk app, tap on the Home icon which is positioned at the top-left corner of the main page. Then, tap on the “New Setup” option and proceed forward by selecting the “Range Extender” option. 
  3. Now, place your Netgear range extender halfway between your router and the area with the low wifi signals. Tap Next and the “Plug-In Extender” window will come into view. 
  4. Plug your Netgear extender into the wall outlet and then tap Next. A pop-up box will get displayed on your screen, tap “Join” to connect your Extender with the Nighthawk application. 
  5. “Connecting To Extender” message will be shown to you till your extender is not detected by the application. Once the Nighthawk application detects your extender, tap Next. 
  6. Now, the app will display a list of routers that are available near to your mobile device. Select your 2GHz or 5GHz wifi network and tap Next. If your Wifi network is security-enabled, you will get to see the Password window. Enter your Wifi password by using the on-screen keyboard and tap Next. 
  7. After configuring your network, it will show you the pop-up box. Tap Join and the “Connected” window will get displayed indicating that the connection is successfully established. 
  8. The “Netgear Router Login” window will come into view. There you can change your extender admin settings i.e Username and password that you will use every time you need to login to your extender. After entering the details, turn on the Remember Me toggle button if you want to save the credentials on mobile. Then, tap Next. 
  9. A new window will open up on your screen. Select the Security Question from the list available by tapping on the drop-down arrow key. Provide the Security Answer and following this, press the “Next” tab. 
  10. The extender will start searching for new firmware. If any Firmware Update is available, the app will download it automatically. When Firmware Up-to-date message displays, tap OK. 
  11. Doing so, you will see the Setup Complete window on your mobile. Tap Finish. This concludes the “Mywifi Ext” setup through the Nighthawk application on your mobile.

Relevant and Useful Solutions To Resolve Netgear Extender Setup Issues

Netgear Extender Setup

While performing “Mywifi Ext” setup, you may face several issues, for example, connection is not established between your device and extender, unable to reach the extender setup page, can’t log in to your Netgear extender, extender is not detecting your router, forgot the router credentials, and a lot more. Here are some techniques and tips by following which you can fix all your setup issues. 

  1. If the Wifi list on your PC is not showing your default Netgear extender name, try connecting your extender with the PC by using an ethernet cable. Ensure that the cable you are using is appropriate and can be properly fitted in both the ports of your extender and PC. 
  2. In case, you can’t launch the “Mywifi Ext” page, check the URL or the Extender IP address you are entering to navigate to the setup page. Also, make sure that you type the URL or extender IP address in the address bar not in the search bar. 
  3. If you are unable to login to your Netgear extender, assure that you are specifying the true and valid credentials. If you do not remember the personalized log in details, reset your extender to its factory defaults, and then use the default credentials for login. Also, resetting the extender fixes minor technical glitches and helps you in executing the “Mywifi Ext” setup easily. 
  4. There are scenarios when your extender does not detect your router while setting up. In such cases, firstly check that your router is receiving sufficient power supply. Further, any physical obstructions between your extender and router may hinder the connection. So, change the position of your extender to a better place and plug the extender to the power outlet that is close to your router. In addition, your router must be enabled with the latest firmware otherwise, it may create setup issues. 
  5. If you forget the password of your Wifi while conducting the “Mywifi Ext” setup, you have to log in to your router to retrieve your password. Use your router’s default IP address to access the Netgear Login page, enter the default credentials given on the sticker pasted at the back of your router. Once the setup page is launched, click on the “Wireless” option and there you can see your Wifi password.